Innovative, patented MACROfibre is a high-density woven fabric, made up of thousands of tiny, variable diameter non-scratch fibres …thinner than a human hair. The fibres may be cropped at variable length on the surface of the fabric to create Deeply Clean products ideally suited to different surfaces.

Spectacular cleaning on practically any surface

MACROfibre delivers spectacular cleaning on practically any surface, including wood, plastic, stone and tile, and because it is non-abrasive, can be used on glass, metal without scratching – good for hard surfaces in such as food production, and more delicate surfaces, to gently exfoliate skin.

Non-absorbent and negates cross-contamination

MACROfibre can be used dry or in a fluid based cleaning process. A fundamental advantage of MACROfibre however is that it is non-absorbent and surfaces may be cleaned exceptionally well with just a light-spray of water, negating the possibility of contamination to the environment and surrounding surfaces from the introduction of harmful chemicals, a crucial issue in such as marine and manufacturing.

Traditional methods of cleaning typically transfer dirt from one contaminated surface to another, dirt builds up –an inherent feature of MACROfibre is its’ ability to loosen and collect microscopic particles of dirt and ingress from a variety of surfaces. Its fibres act like a brush, to bury deep into the natural crevices and cavities that form on a surface, to dislodge and capture embedded dirt particles that soft cloths and chemicals will fail to pick up. The dirt is then retained in the body of the fabric until it is rinsed out.

Developed to meet the demands of everyday cleaning applications

Products manufactured from MACROfibre are designed and developed to meet the demands of everyday cleaning applications in a variety of commercial sectors, tailored to meet specific and exact requirements and standards accreditation.

To apply an additional layer of hygienic protection, products treated with Shield ™, offer anti-microbial properties that help meet Health & Safety standards in food processing to attain such as British Retail Consortium accreditation – in healthcare our anti-microbial properties inhibit the transfer of harmful bacteria and reduce instances of such as MRSA.

Please contact Deeply Clean to discuss your specific commercial requirements.


Deeply Clean has also developed a range of products that complement the deep cleaning power of MACROfibre. The highly absorbent drying and polishing characteristics of Ultramicrofibre, when used in conjunction with MACROfibre make for very effective and impressive cleaning processes.