Deeply Clean products clean to an exceptional level in all situations. When used in a commercial environment – they make good business sense too. By combining the use of Deeply Clean MACROfibre and microfibre cloths great results will be achieved in less time, enabling enhanced cleaning performance and efficiency.

The are many benefits to Deeply Clean;

  • Innovative MACROfibre fabric made from 100% recycled raw materials.
  • MACROfibre products clean with water alone …no chemical cleaning agents required.
  • Exceptional performance, superior cleaning.
  • Better cleaning regimes, quicker methods, less time to a great results.
  • Certified antimicrobial protection; guaranteed for a minimum of 6 months regular use.
  • No quibble guarantee for a minimum 200 washes for all MACROfibre products.
  • Sustainable, green, eco-friendly – may be returned and recycled to make new product.
  • Lower cost-effective purchasing – better waste management.
  • Improve business efficiency and profits.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and conserve the planet at the same time.